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Glassflake Coatings

Alfa Service Group is official dealer of Chemco International Protective Coatings

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Chemco International’s glassflake coatings provide outstanding protection from the most hazardous environments.

  • Can be used to restore condemned plant and equipment to "as new" condition.
  • Cost-effective, lifetime solution.
  • The ideal solution achieved by selecting from a wide range of polymer technologies, including polyester, vinylester, epoxy and epoxy novolac.

Chemco’s unique range of definitive brands provide the following benefits:-

  • Reliability

Proven maintenance-free protection. Used throughout the world for more than 30 years with no failures reported.

  • Savings

Fewer coats, less equipment, last longer and require considerably less maintenance when compared to conventional paint systems.

  • Long life

Guarantee for up to 20 years and more depending on specification.

  • Performance

Outstanding resistance to chemical corrosion (pH1-14) temperature (up to 155ºC in immersed conditions). Chemco's brands are the first choice when there is a need to deal with abrasion and erosion.

  • Durability

Can withstand high impact and mechanical stresses due to unique chemical bonding and anchoring effect of glassflake to the peaks and troughs of the substrate.

  • Safe 

100% solids. Chemco systems exceed environmental legislation. 

  • Promise

Chemco pledge to solve all of your excessive corrosion problems. Chemco's reputation is founded on delivering products of the highest quality via dedicated specialists.

  1. Only base products in each range are included below. See products page for full list.
  2. RB 500 is usually supplied with no glassflake fill in order to provide the smoothest surface possible for wine and beer vessel linings.
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