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Metal Repair & Replacement

Alfa Service Group is official dealer of Chemco International Protective Coatings

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Metal Repair and Replacement Solvent-free Products
Low odour and ECO friendly products

Chemco has developed a range of non-flammable, styrene-free metal repair compounds. They do not require any special ventilation during application and do not emit solvents. They are ideal replacements for styrene-containing polyester and vinylester repair systems in most circumstances.

Chemco also offer traditional polyester and vinylester based repair systems – RA 208 and RA 308.


RH 500


High-build repair/replacement putty that is machinable in less than 3 hours.


RU 500 & RH 500 used to repair a gas separator.

RP 500


very smooth and extremely hard wearing top-coat ideal for metal repairs pipe and pump internals where there are excessive fluid friction flow problems. The product is so hard that it can only be machined within 2 hours of application. It helps to reduce energy demand and wear on the internal surface of any process equipment.
RU 500

Similar to RP 500 except that it exhibits very good chemical and thermal durability. Ideal for extremely corrosive conditions.

Hot-cote™ RE 900


A two pack, solvent-free, high temperature epoxy putty, designed to fill cavities, cracks and heavy pitting. For repair and renewal of all types of fluid-flow equipment operating at temperatures up to 250°C. Extremely tough machinable finish with excellent resistance to abrasion and cavitation.

RE 900 and RF 900 in Nuclear Power Station Hot Corrosive Gas Fan
Hot-cote™ RF 900

A high temperature, two pack, solvent-free ceramic epoxy topcoat for where there is a combination of very aggressive chemicals and very high temperatures up to 220°C. Extremely hard wearing, very smooth, low friction surface for repair and renewal of all fluid-flow environments operating at high temperatures. It can be applied by brush, roller or airless spray (in specific circumstances).
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